Our tutors have been hand-chosen based on a specific balance of skill and character. All of the Music House tutors have the ability to teach at least 2 instruments, and they are all actively involved in performance in some way. More importantly, they all have the ability to create a friendly, relaxed learning environment.

Yaw Asumadu

TUTOR – Guitar, Drums, Bass, Ukulele, African Drums, Flute, Xylophone

yaw.asumadu (at) musichouse.co.nz

Why are you a musician?

I am a musician because I love it.  I come from a family of musicians so music was all around me as a child. I then trained for 12 years in Ghana with an orchestra which gave me a solid base from which to extend. I have enjoyed performing on stages around the world, leading bands and accompanying others.

Why are you teaching music?

I teach music because I love it and I want to share it with others.

What are you up to at the moment (musically)?

I am currently composing my own music which would be considered ‘Fusion Music’ – fusing Jazz and Afro-Funk with other styles.  I have recently finished recording an album and am looking forward to ‘mastering it’ so it can be shared with the public.  I also teach a community African drum class on Tuesday nights in Hamilton and teach guitar, drums and ukulele in a range of schools locally. Whenever I can, I perform African Drums, flute, bass, drum kit and xylophone in Auckland and Hamilton at various venues and events.

Zak Trenwith

TUTOR – Drums, Guitar

Sam Trenwith

MANAGING DIRECTOR and TUTOR – Guitar, Drums, Saxophone, modern Piano, performance Vocals

sam (at) musichouse.co.nz

I’ve grown up playing music, having parents that toured New Zealand frequently. Guitar was a compulsory instrument to learn while growing up, but I also learnt the drums, saxophone, bass and piano. In my teenage years I started writing music, playing in rock and jazz bands, and performing on stages throughout New Zealand.

I’ve had success with my original music on NZ radio and recorded eight albums. I like being able to pass on musical knowledge and especially the ‘love’ of music. I am excited when a student finds his/her own love of their instrument.

My greatest musical moment was having an original song voted into the top 20 at the NZ Silver Scroll awards, alongside Dave Dobbyn, Elemeno P, Shihad and others.

I’m currently playing in four bands; Late 80’s Mercedes (swing/funk), The Trenwiths (alt-bluegrass), The Kool Club (jazz), The Sam Trenwith Band (party covers).