Here you will find the best music accommodation in town!

Music lessons for all ages in Hamilton. We have a great bunch of skilled and friendly music tutors who are ready to nurture you or your child along a tailored musical journey. Whether it’s performing for your school, in your church, to make a living, or just for personal enjoyment, we’ll help you get there! We teach the most common instruments; guitar, drums, piano/keyboard, bass and singing.


Music House is a great place to learn music. The director, Sam Trenwith, has a great wealth of musical knowledge and experience in a range of contexts. He is deeply passionate about music education, and has experienced first hand the way that even the smallest musical achievement for a music student has the ability to build their self-esteem and inspire genuine passion and belief in their own ability, thus creating positive associations with education across the board. We aim to make music learning FUN which engages the pupil, leading them to work harder and become more skilled at their instrument.


Music House is filled with people who love music. We all share the same passion to express our love for the art of music in as many ways as possible. We love teaching music!

Our Values

  • respect, fun, commitment, professionalism

Our Vision

  • to impart a love for music, an understanding of music theory and provide opportunities to perform

Our Mission Statement

  • to teach people how to play and love music

Our Promise

  • to provide relaxed and professional music tuition and give opportunities for performances


Music House is a great place to play. We love giving performance opportunities. Opportunities to perform in front of an audience are instrumental (pun intended) in the process of becoming a musician. Firstly because the impending ‘gig’ creates the ultimate incentive to practise, but also because of the amazing excitement and energy that comes with live music.

The curriculum we aim to provide:

For Everyone

We work from many different popular music teaching books which are found in most music stores, including Rock School, Fast Track, Bastien, our own Music House books and more. Our tutors also add their own teaching resources and choose music their pupils request when appropriate. We aim to complete at least eight songs/pieces per year with different styles and provide two performance opportunities.

Guitar/Bass/Ukulele lessons

We aim to teach a range of classic songs that every guitarist (at their level) should know, chords, lead and TAB (tablature) reading. We use our own Music House guitar book for beginner to intermediate students. 

Drums lessons

We aim to teach common drum beats that every drummer should know, reading music, playing beats, fills, jamming in time, time signatures and playing by ear.

Piano/Keyboard lessons

We aim to teach all the basic chord triads, majors and minors, reading music, a few fancy pieces, scales, some popular songs, all note names and sharps/flats.

Vocals lessons

We aim to teach how to sing some popular songs, vocal warm-ups, falsetto/chest voice, breathing, posture and confidence.

Theory lessons

We aim to teach music reading, exercises and musical terms relating to each instrument.