Practise and encouragement…

This may not be news to all, but seems to be a recurring theme amongst young learners.

Simply put, the more practise a student invests, the more proficient they will become, the more rewarding the experience becomes for all, and thus the more value for money is achieved.

We are aware (first-hand) of the array of costs that parents face as they do their best to provide rich education and experience for their precious little ones, and we are most definitely in the game of providing the best, most valuable music education experience around. So, this little note is really a reminder to those parents/caregivers that are paying the bills; there is real value in encouraging practise at home, as some of you do already.

…if you don’t already, please take an interest in what your children are learning and read the tutor’s notes in the practise diary.

Don’t hesitate to make comments to the tutor (there’s a section on each page in the practise diary just for you!), or if you’d rather get in touch with one of us, either jump on the website and fill out the contact form which goes straight to me (Joe), or reply to one of Jennie’s emails. We’re always ready to answer questions or discuss methodology.

Music is meant to be played, playing is meant to be fun.

Fun is good.

The All Blacks are good at playing rugby, but they have worked hard to be good, and they have a great team of encouragers behind them!